Rumen degradability and kinetic properties of urea and poultry litter treated rice straw

M. B. Ngele, T. A. Adegbola, S. E. S. Bogoro, M. Abubakar and D. J. U. Kalla
Animal Production Programme, School of Agriculture, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
University, Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria


Rumen degradation and kinetic properties of rice straw subjected to urea and poultry litter treatments was investigated.

The crude protein (CP) content of the straw was significantly (P<0.05) increased from 4.44% for the untreated rice straw (URS) to 12.35, 20.46 and 19.72% for urea-treated rice straw (UTRS), poultry litter treated rice straw (PLTRS1) and poultry litter treated rice straw (PLTRS2), respectively.

The dry matter (DM) degradability of the treated straw was consistently higher than that of the untreated straw, whereas the rate constants (c) for the untreated and treated straw were similar. The study showed a close relationship between the comparative degradability rate (c) and outflow rate (k) at 24 hr incubation of the rice straw.

The effective degradability of the straw was influenced by the rapidly soluble fraction (a) and the rate constant (c) for degradation of the straw. Urea-ammoniation thus, increased the CP of crop residues and its degradability in the rumen.

Also, the use of poultry litter can be a suitable alternative to urea fertilizer in treating crop residues and reduces the problem of animal waste disposal. The trial also shows that equal proportion of rice straw to poultry litter is more effective in the treatment of straw.

Keywords: Kinetics, poultry litter, rice straw, rumen degradability, urea.


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